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Throughout the weekdays, we offer relaxing Hatha yoga on our outdoor patio surrounded by café lights. As these classes are given at a convenient time after working hours, you get to relax under the setting sun after a long day.

Our Saturday morning class is given under a big Tamarind tree in our farm. With a cool breeze and natural sunlight, this lesson ensures a great start of the weekend. Afterwards, we invite you to stop by the Eatery for a healthy breakfast or coffee.

Our Vinyasa yoga classes are offered by Danique Zimmerman and Tsamira Pietersz .

Most styles of yoga are considered Hatha yoga, which focuses on the relaxation of the body and mind. Vinyasa is a form of Hatha yoga and focuses on a series of flowing movements in coordination with thoughtful breathing. Vinyasa is designed to keep you relaxed and re-energized, while your balance, strength and flexibility are enhanced.

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For information about prices and timings, please contact us at hoficascora@gmail.com or call +59995200321

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