The Farm

img-the-farmWe began farming at Hofi Cas Cora mid-2014, experimenting with different crops, throughout different times of the year.

We started off with one field and one deep-well in the first year and have since expanded to at least ten fields (not simultaneously as our fields need to recuperate after harvest) and four deep-wells using wind energy to pump up the water.

Our produce is grown in an organic matter; not using any pesticides. Instead we use organic fertilizer, repurposing gray-water and companion planting techniques.

Since day one, we have a growing farm family with various animals. Some of which we have bought, while others have been adopted for a second chance at life. Our chickens and ducks provide us with eggs and also natural fertilizer, (just like the donkeys and our horse). As part of our waste management program, our pigs are fed with all the scraps of the restaurant.

Our goats and donkeys eat all the unwanted weeds and harvest (as do the pigs) and our dogs keep the iguanas and rabbits away from our crops.

Next to the Eatery, you can find a water reservoir, which is kept clean by water plants and fish.

As Hofi Cas Cora is a small startup farm, we have yet to implement many different techniques to expand and are always looking for new ways to be more efficient.

Feel free to walk around, check out our crops and say hello to all our animals when you are at Hofi Cas Cora!

If you want to keep up with our farm animals on social media, follow @animalshoficascora on Instagram.