About Hofi Cas Cora

Hofi Cas Cora is a centrally located family farm on the island of Curaçao. We are a young company thriving to grow…. get it? Grow!

Our island is relatively dependent on import; however, it has the resources to flourish. We strive to contribute to and support our communities in realizing our beautiful island’s full potential.

We would like to do this by;

  • Raising awareness on the benefits of local produce consumption.
  • Sharing our self-sustainable efforts.
  • Encouraging you to support our fellow local farmers.
  • Inspiring you to try home-farming, for those with or without a green thumb

If you happen to have your own garden with fruits and vegetables, we are interested in buying your crops. Just give us a call to see what we could use in our next menu.

See you soon!

About Joshua & Femi

Joshua and Femi were both born and raised on the beautiful island of Curaçao. As with small islands, they met when they were just kids and eventually started dating in high school. Quite soon after, they moved to Amsterdam together to attend college and embark on a European adventure.

Femi studied Marketing & Branding while Joshua pursued a career in Business and the Creative arts. The city life inspired Femi to start her own lifestyle blog while she started experimenting with ingredients and cooking. Meanwhile Joshua further developed his interests in music, videography and design. With these experiences and skills, this power couple has continuously brought fresh creativity to the table.

While they weren’t planning on moving back in 2014, they saw an opportunity here they couldn’t ignore; a perfect untouched piece of family owned land with endless possibilities that could benefit their island greatly.

With Femi’s love for hosting and her knack for marketing and Joshua’s passion for farming, they started Hofi Cas Cora, an ever-expanding green business model.

While Joshua and Femi, keep growing their business, their main objective always remains the same: to have a positive impact on Curaçao’s environment and community.