image-communityOur core objective is to have a positive influence on our environment and community. Together, we can strive for a healthier, more sustainable future for our island.

Farmer’s Co-op: Collaboration V(ital):

We are part of the Farmer’s Co-op; a group of local, organic farmers that share knowledge, resources and support with each other. Every week, each farmer adds their local, organic harvest and produce to the V(ital) package which consumers can purchase at various distribution points. These packages are available for purchasing at Hofi Cas Cora too. They support local farmers while also contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Fundashon Let’s Grow Together:

In collaboration with Muriel’s Kitchen, we have set up a foundation that provides farm to table experiences for underprivileged children. Together with sponsors, we aim to educate our next generation on the importance of organic, local farming in a fun and memorable way.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or sponsoring our foundation, please call us at

call +59995200321 or +59995121017 or e-mail us at